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VOIP Gateway Not What It Sounds Like

voip gateway, some rights reserved,, AL – Nelson Mervin of local software firm SoftHere, was excited to learn that his firm had purchased two VOIP Gateways. That was, until he learned that the gateway had absolutely nothing to do with inter-dimensional travel.


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What Happens in Vegas Gets Named After Vegas Hotel

Las Vegas Hotel Baby, some rights reserved, and Vegas, NV – Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Often, the evidence of a no-holds-barred, wild Vegas night is birthed into the world some nine months later. A growing number of these children are now being named after…

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Old Friend Insists that Phil Collins Loved the Polar Bear Tour

polar bear tour, some rights reserved,, AK – In a place with as little a human population as Wapusk National Park, it’s nearly impossible to keep anything a secret for very long. Rumors have been flying for weeks that world famous singer-songwriter Phil Collins recently made a…

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Italian Villa Rentals On The Rise, Decline

italian villa rentals, some rights reserved,, Italy – Picture this: a lush green hillside, spotted with olive trees; the warm Italian sun beating down, caressing the fields of grapes with its gentle hand; an old woman across the way, hanging wash from her window and wait

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Tourist Wanders Onto Wall St. Stock Trading Floor, Gets Shitty Directions

tourest at wall street

NEW YORK, NY – In a tragic episode of miscommunication, local tourist Arthur Marmoset wandered onto the stock trading floor of NASDAQ while on vacation in New York and received what he described as “[very awful] directions.”

Marmoset, 43, is a…

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Man-Who-Cried-‘Vacation Deal’ Not Believed

Vacation Deal

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Martin Bow, who claims to be the winner of a Sweeties™ cereal box vacation package, was not believed by his coworkers this week when he announced that he would not be coming into work during the last…

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Random Post

Government Auctions Off White House Collectors’ Items

garage sale in washington DC, some rights reserved,, D.C. – The Federal Government finally seems to have caught on to some of our Main Street logic. The White House announced on Tuesday of last week that in an attempt to raise $700 billion dollars to bail out our crumbling…

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