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Treasure Secretary Timothy Geithner Asks Congress to Make World of Warcraft Gold into Legal Currency

wowgoldExplaining that “our currency has become deflated and inconstant,” Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner shocked political observers today by asking congress to make World of Warcraft gold into legal currency.

“World of Warcraft has an economy that is strong and trustworthy, and attaching…

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defibrillator, some rights reserved, and City, NJ – In eternal wise-guy fashion, regular riders of the PATH train have adapted the emergency defibrillators recently installed in their stations to a wide variety of uses.

The PATH train, which stands for Port Authority Trans-Hudson Corporation, is a…

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Security Cameras and Sympathy Flowers

security camera in flowers, some rights reserved, and is a tried and true trick to call in sick on days when you just don’t want to deal office drudgery or can’t stand to look at your cubicle wall for another hour that week. Not any more my fellow Americans,…

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Magnetic Mattress Pad Only Removes Money

Magnetic Mattress Pad at work, some rights reserved,, OH – The very best scientists that science has to offer, or at least the ones with the cleanest lab coats, have been hard at work lately digging up the answers to a Nonsense News reader’s question. Adam McCharles, of Montpelier,…

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DNA Test Kits Go Mobile

DNA test, some rights reserved,, IL – “Have you checked out the new vending machine in the break room?” your co-worker asks. “No,” you say and ask, “Why?” “It’s weird,” he replies. “How so?” you inquire. “I can’t even explain it, man,” he replies. “C’mon,”

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City to Introduce Virus Protection Computer Condoms

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – City officials unveiled a plan Wednesday to cut down on the number of computers infected with viruses by making computer condoms free to the public.

Very similar to the condoms we all know and love, computer condoms will…

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Seasoned Detective Disgusted at Sight of Auto Body Parts in Upright Freezer

Auto Body Parts, some rights reserved:

DETROIT, MI – Chief Investigator William Barrelton has been on the force for the better part of three decades, but even this hardened veteran was caught off guard last Tuesday by the grisly scene at an abandoned automobile manufacturing facility in…

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Mick Jagger Declared International Chubby Bunny Champion

mick jagger, chubby bunny, some rights reserved,, CA – Say what you will, Sir Mick is at the top of his game and the 65-year-old rock icon proved it yesterday by shoving 43 extra-puff marshmallows into his mouth at once: more than any other human on the planet.…

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