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Really Hot Babe in Really Hot Tennis Apparel Wants to be Taken Seriously

tennis-hottieMaria Stefanopolis, an upcoming star in professional tennis, has enough endorsement deals to spell success in any genre. The blonde haired, blue eyed athlete has secured deals with many athletic wear lines, as well as perfumes, evening wear, and lingerie, and is…

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Unlikely Band of Misfits Create Youth Baseball Team

baseball swing, some rights reserved, Rouge, LA – The sun is shining on the baseball diamond at Shaker’s Field this morning where a group of school children found themselves miserably defeated yesterday. The rag tag assortment of kids, through teamwork and love, overcame all odds and…

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Mick Jagger Declared International Chubby Bunny Champion

mick jagger, chubby bunny, some rights reserved,, CA – Say what you will, Sir Mick is at the top of his game and the 65-year-old rock icon proved it yesterday by shoving 43 extra-puff marshmallows into his mouth at once: more than any other human on the planet.…

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Dude Hella Kite Snowboards Into New Dimension

Kite Snowboarding in the Next Dimension, some rights reserved,, Chile – A throng of snowboarders train their polarized, orange goggles on the sky. A tiny figure slowly materializes out of the dark cloud bank, drifting underneath a giant kite. As he descends closer, his black and white pop-art snowsuit creating…

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Nascar Scanner Makes Alien Contact

Nascar scanner at work, some rights reserved,, TN – Here at Bristol, the legendary track at the core of Nascar’s eight-cylinder, 800 horsepower heart, things have gone from strange to stranger. Welcome to the gearhead’s world, a world of million-dollar crashes and dirty air. It’s silly season and…

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Security Cameras and Sympathy Flowers

security camera in flowers, some rights reserved, and is a tried and true trick to call in sick on days when you just don’t want to deal office drudgery or can’t stand to look at your cubicle wall for another hour that week. Not any more my fellow Americans,…

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