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Pregnant Alaskan Wolf Shot, Raped, Made to Pay for Rape Kit

One Sad She-wolf, some rights reserved,, AK – Tragedy struck the small Alaskan town of Kutuchen this week as the beloved town wolf was shot, raped and then made to pay her own rape kit. Curtisa Mayfield, a silver-bellied razor back, has been living among the citizens…

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Platinum Mastercard an Affront to Human Decency

platinum mastercard protest, some rights reserved,, NY – Protesters have gathered outside of Mastercard’s global headquarters to denounce the new – literally platinum – credit card to be released by the company this fall. Protesters say that the card is designed only to flaunt extreme wealth and…

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Lawyer Asked to Stop Playing Peek-A-Boo in Court

BOSTON, MA – Defense lawyer Jillian Watanabe was berated in a small claims court last Thursday for refusing repeated requests to stop playing peek-a-boo with her client.

Asked by the judge to stop the game, Ms. Watanabe claimed that it was integral…

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