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Editorial: Marriage Like A Snake Eating Own Tail

marriage fight, some rights reserved,, U.S.A. – Twenty years ago our cultural consciences imploded over the fact that America’s divorce rate had risen to over fifty percent. More than half of all marriages were ending in divorce, five out of ten gravy boats shattering like broken…

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Op/Ed: Franny and Freddy Don’t Have Student Loans!

by Edith Falin

Wasilla, AK — I should start by thanking Nonsensical News for giving me this column. A housewife and mother of five, such as myself, can get a little bored once all the sweeping is done, doncha know. It’s so…

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Editorial: Working in an Office is Mad Boring

boooooooring, some rights reserved, City, NV – Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for the past seven years, I do the exact same thing. I wake up at 8:45am, shower, get dressed and hit the freeway. I work at a corporate office in the…

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Bridal Tiaras Make Brides Princess for a Day, Dull Pain For Rest of Life

bridal tiara, some rights reserved,, OR – Flip through any bridal magazine these days and your eyeballs will be assaulted by photos of young, thin, white, blushing brides, donning their heterosexist uniforms and posing like the mannequins they long to be. Their dresses are exquisite, not…

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Random Post

Disgruntled Obama Now Considering Death Panels

angry-obamaAfter weeks of diligently beating back unsubstantiated rumors of government run “death panels” which would dictate the fates of the elderly, President Barack Obama today signaled that he is now open to the idea.

Speaking to an AP reporter after a particularly…

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