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Lawyers Sue Suit Brokers

suit-brokerBoston, MA — The Boston Coalition of Lawyers, a Boston based group of attorneys, is suing a local business chain for defamation of character and unlawful wordage. The company, Suit Brokers, rents suits and tuxedos “for every occasion” for those who need…

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Lawyer-Bird Profiled in Species Report

lawyer bird, some rights reserved, and Moines, ID – Each year when the leaves begin to turn and the world is suddenly as colorful as a Thomas Kincade autumnal wonderland, we know that Fall has finally fallen. And with Fall inevitably comes the other great indicators of…

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“Lawyer Gene” Discovered, Deposed and Made to Produce Documents

lawyer gene through microscope, some rights reserved,, AZ – The University of Arizona made a startling discovery earlier this morning, prompting a press conference to announce that they had discovered and isolated the “Lawyer Gene.” Lab students working long hours over the holiday weekend were not even looking…

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Pox Week Reaches Fever Pitch at Chicago Law Firm

lawyer asleep with chicken pox, some rights reserved,, IL – Chicken pox season is back with an itchy, red-spotted vengeance and the prestigious Chicago law firm of Biallystock, Biallystock, and Reuben have requested that staff continue coming to work so that all of the lawyers can get the disease…

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Lawyer v. Hippo

Underground Hippo Fighting

Orlando, FL – Larry Stevens threw a party Thursday night, inviting his guests to bring hors d’oeuvres and plenty of plastic wrap. The 29 year old Orlando man is just one of many young attorneys, litigators, and even administrative assistants in…

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Lawyer Asked to Stop Playing Peek-A-Boo in Court

BOSTON, MA – Defense lawyer Jillian Watanabe was berated in a small claims court last Thursday for refusing repeated requests to stop playing peek-a-boo with her client.

Asked by the judge to stop the game, Ms. Watanabe claimed that it was integral…

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Random Post

Fruit All the Sweeter for Being Sung To

srawberries, some rights reserved,, CA — What kind of music do you like? It’s an innocent enough question. Now, have you ever tried asking a tomato? No, of course you haven’t. Guess again, succotash. Tomatoes love jazz. And nectarines enjoy blues.

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