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Alpha Sigma Sigma Totally Gets Away With It

Frat Alpha Sigma Sigma, some rights reserved,, CA – The call of the bros could be heard loud and long last night as Berkeley’s newest fraternity celebrated its acceptance by the University of California. On the eve of its birth, Alpha Sigma Sigma, whose Greek letters spell “ASS,”…

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Scrabble Confesses to Being ‘No Fun’

scrabble, some rights reserved,

Philadelphia, PA – Ever since its first mass distribution by Macy’s in 1952, Scrabble (named for a word which means “to scratch frantically”) has been a source of mystery for the millions who play it repeatedly despite the fact that they…

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Imaginary Business Booms As Economy Folds Like a GAP shirt

Imaginary Business, some rights reserved, and York, NY – It’s hard to escape the economy these days. Once relegated to nerdy bean counters, and unattractive Wall Street broke-vest-work-iters, now it is virtually everywhere and spreading like herpes in a nursing home. It seems that suddenly the real

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