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Paintball Equipment Fuels Playground Mutiny

paintball equipment in the hands of children, some rights reserved,, TX—The classrooms at St. Mary’s Elementary are empty. Tiny plastic chairs are uninhabited. The chalkboard is dark. On the playground, swingsets creak erily in the wind. Towards the handball court, one ball rolls slowly along – a scholastic tumbleweed in this…

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Wholesale Ribbons Class Up String of Local Murders

wholesale ribbon examples, some rights reserved, County, CA — A new development broke last night in a string of grizzly killings that has haunted the Southland for these past three summer months. The Department of Homeland Forensics has just released the shocking detail that the recent murders…

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Op/Ed: Franny and Freddy Don’t Have Student Loans!

by Edith Falin

Wasilla, AK — I should start by thanking Nonsensical News for giving me this column. A housewife and mother of five, such as myself, can get a little bored once all the sweeping is done, doncha know. It’s so…

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