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No Place for Chuck Norris in Obama White House

Chuck Norris' commentary on Obama, some rights reserved,, D.C. – In  the wake of a historic presidential election, many do not know what to do with their surplus of political energy. These past months (and for some, even years), have cultivated a large caring-about-politics that was previously just an…

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“Extinct” Species Found in Chuck Norris’ Beard

Chuck Norris's Beard Frog, some rights reserved, Town, South Africa – In a world saturated by images of polar bears adrift lonely icebergs, it seems rare to have a day of celebrating in the environmental community. But yesterday, animal rights activists and earth-huggers everywhere cheered at news that…

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Chuck Norris to Direct Die Zauberflöte

A more violent Die Zauberflöte, as directed by Chuck NorrisDallas, TX – In a move designed to rock opera fans, tough guys and ironic youth all at the same time, Dallas Opera Director George Steel announced this week that the director of this Fall’s performance of Mozart’s 1791 masterpiece Die Zauberflote

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Chuck Norris Eats Fish Sandwich, Web Goes Ape

Chuck Norris' Fish Sandwich, some rights reserved, Angeles, CA – Local teenager Sarah McBride made ripples in the internet community last week when she blogged about her celebrity spotting at While walking to lunch with her parents Sunday afternoon, McBride noticed someone doing something that caught her…

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Chuck Norris Reveals Secret Weapon, Art World Shaken

Baton Rouge, LA – Reports surfaced earlier this month but were dismissed by most as only rumors. A prominent local businessman claims to have alerted the press seven months ago, but was dismissed by most as only insane. Monday evening at 9:36pm,…

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Magnetic Mattress Pad Only Removes Money

Magnetic Mattress Pad at work, some rights reserved,, OH – The very best scientists that science has to offer, or at least the ones with the cleanest lab coats, have been hard at work lately digging up the answers to a Nonsense News reader’s question. Adam McCharles, of Montpelier,…

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