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Local Futon Finally Thrown Away

local futon, some rights reserved, Cruz, CA – After a long and active life, local man Steve Forino’s futon has finally been thrown out. Forino put the futon on curb outside his apartment at 9pm Sunday evening. The futon, a full-sized green mattress, was purchased at Ikea in the summer of 1999 when Forino moved out of his dormroom and into an off-campus apartment. “I slept on the floor for about a week first,” recalls Forino of those pre-futon days. “Then, when my buddy Brad was in town, I talked him into going with me to Ikea – he has truck.” The two young men wandered through Ikea for several hours, finally leaving with the green futon mattress, sans frame, and four freezer bags of Swedish meatballs.

Forino slept on this futon for the remainder of his college years, then packed it up with him as he moved away and began his first in a series of crappy underpaid jobs, including: short order cook, watch salesman at Macy’s and night shift security guard at an upscale apartment building in San Francisco. The apartments may have changed, but futon (and the sheets) never did.

A year ago, Forino moved to a small house in Santa Cruz where he works as a journalist for a small local magazine. He enjoys the steady paycheck and of course, the fact that it gives him plenty of time to pursue his true passion: surfing. Forino returned to Ikea recently to purchase furniture for his new house. Among a bookshelf, kitchen table and set of drawers, Forino also bought a bed frame and mattress. “I moved the old futon in the garage,” says Forino. “That was about seven months ago. I just couldn’t get rid of it. It had so many memories!” Truly, the stains on said lumpy futon could tell many a tale of wonder and intrigue, but Christine Hath, Forino’s girlfriend, decided these were stories not worth hearing.

“Christine really put her foot down,” says Forino, who – at his girlfriend’s request – spent the past weekend cleaning out the garage and throwing out the items from his past that he no longer uses. “I gave away my cassette tape collection, some clothes and yeah, the futon. At first I put it on craigslist, yeah know, thought maybe I could find it a good home. I had a few emails, some interest, a couple people came a checked it out, but yeah, I guess it’s pretty old and stained. There’s a tear on one corner from when it got caught in my car a few years back.”

So, in the end, Forino decided that the street was the best place to lay his beloved futon to rest. “At least it’s not a dumpster. Here, maybe someone will drive by and see it and want to take it home with them.” So far, the only people that have shown interest are a local homeless couple who were seen fornicating on the futon.

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