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Really Hot Babe in Really Hot Tennis Apparel Wants to be Taken Seriously

tennis-hottieMaria Stefanopolis, an upcoming star in professional tennis, has enough endorsement deals to spell success in any genre. The blonde haired, blue eyed athlete has secured deals with many athletic wear lines, as well as perfumes, evening wear, and lingerie, and is fast becoming one of the highest paid in professional tennis. Yet, in spite of this, Stefanopolis insists that she really wants to be taken seriously as an athlete, and hopes that she is going to be best remembered for her skill on the court, rather than her appearances in swimsuit ads like the one which ran in magazines last week featuring the slim, smooth-skinned blonde beauty wearing nothing but a tiny string bikini, revealing her in all of her scantily-clad glory.

“I’m interested in pursuing my sport,” said the tennis star, who was wearing a low-cut red tank-top. “I don’t want to just be eye candy, I want to be a role model to young people and a real competitor.”

Stefanopolis, who’s measurements are 36C-24-36, complains that too often she is simply objectified, and hopes that her tennis record will be thought of as the real story, rather than her beautiful smooth legs, firm breasts, and perfect abs. After her success at the Australian Open this last year, during which she wore an entirely black outfit, tight around the hips and waist, which gave generous views of her bare legs (as well as her breasts), Stefanopolis expresses confidence that her image in the public will shift to a more serious nature.

“I think I’ve started to prove myself,” said Stefanopolis, flashing a succulent smile with her full, red, enticing lips, and running a hand through her luscious, smooth, sweet-smelling hair. “There are still some who doubt me, I’m sure, but I’m earning peoples respect for how I play, and not for what I wear. And I’m going to keep on doing that.”

Stefanopolis, who sat with her long tanned legs crossed during her interview, uncrossing them twice at 5 minutes and 15 minutes in, has beautifully sculpted calves, and has expressed interest in cultivating an image less aloof than she is currently considered. She insists that this is well worth any hit she may take in terms of her popularity. “The Press makes a big deal of an athlete being good looking, and I’ve gotten some sponsors off of it, I know. But I don’t want that to be my legacy. If I lose those endorsement deals, so be it – I’m not going to be defined by something so irrelevant to my sport as physical attributes,” said the athlete, while her supple breasts pressed stubbornly against the fabric of her shirt.

Stefanopolis is seeded 17th at Wimbledon this year, and she is very excited to compete. She will be wearing a blue spaghetti strap tank-top which will cover her generous breasts, and hopefully be short enough to also reveal her smooth, firm stomach, as well as a short white pleated skirt, just barely covering the matching white spandex which will be hugging her firm beautiful buttocks.

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