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VOIP Gateway Not What It Sounds Like

voip gateway, some rights reserved,, AL – Nelson Mervin of local software firm SoftHere, was excited to learn that his firm had purchased two VOIP Gateways. That was, until he learned that the gateway had absolutely nothing to do with inter-dimensional travel.

“There was like half a second where I thought that my “boss”* Chris, who is really lame and wouldn’t even buy a water cooler when I asked him to, had bought these things that I hadn’t even heard of (which is “unheard of”) that were going to open two holes in the space-time continuum right in the office,” said Mervin, adding that he recalled right away how lame Chris is and wasn’t fooled for any longer than 1/3 of a second.

Mervin went on to say that despite his initial disappointments when he “simply forgot in [his] excitement that a VOIP gateway is really a tool for converting telephony traffic into IP for transmission over a data network” and not a wormhole machine, it really is pretty cool anyway. At this point, his boss Chris popped his head in to the office and told Mervin to “shut up if [he didn’t] want to sound like an asshole in the newspaper.” Mervin set his phaser to stun.

*Here Mervon used “air-quotes”

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