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Sarah Palin Replaced By Holiday Pumpkin

Palin replaced by Pumpkin, some rights reserved, and, D.C. — In a move that political pundits have been calling for for weeks, Presidential candidate and Arizona darling John McCain has replaced Sarah Palin with a holiday pumpkin. Governer Palin has been serving as McCain’s running mate and Vice Presidential pick for seven weeks now and become an increasingly liability. Blunders and scandals have clung to her tighter than her Manolo Blahniks. Politicos and bloggers have been speculating for hours now as to who McCain would choose to replace Gov. Palin this late in the game. “Democrat” Joe Lieberman was passed up yet again, as the McCain camp announced its pick – a seven-pound holiday pumpkin. The pumpkin was picked last week, right off the vine and carved by the second grade class at McKinley Elementary in Omaha. The pumpkin features a large grin, oval eyes and a triangle nose. Its strengths are said to be domestic policies and healthcare.

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A more violent Die Zauberflöte, as directed by Chuck NorrisDallas, TX – In a move designed to rock opera fans, tough guys and ironic youth all at the same time, Dallas Opera Director George Steel announced this week that the director of this Fall’s performance of Mozart’s 1791 masterpiece Die Zauberflote

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