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Italian Villa Rentals On The Rise, Decline

italian villa rentals, some rights reserved,, Italy – Picture this: a lush green hillside, spotted with olive trees; the warm Italian sun beating down, caressing the fields of grapes with its gentle hand; an old woman across the way, hanging wash from her window and wait – what’s that? Is that underwear? My, they’re awfully large. God, how big is her behind anyway? You could cover a queen-sized bed with those. Anyway. Down below, Vespas zip by and a man sings an aria to no one in particular. The smell of tomatoes, basil, pasta and pizza waft towards your nose. Yes, Italy is all you can imagine and more. And now more than ever, Americans are finding the crone-like finger of old Italia beckoning them to come and stay awhile.

Italy boasts a landscape littered with beautiful villas and, for as long as anyone can remember, these vista-rich villas have been rented out primarily to those that America deems “undesirables,” and whom Italy refers to as “Cousin Vinnie.” Due to their expensive tastes and expensive wallets filled with large amounts of cash, Italian-American drug-lords, mafia-bosses, money-launderers, and all around good-fellas have been the primary proprietors of Italian Villa Rentals.

It used to be that Joe and Jane Q. Public were the sparingly dished out meatballs in the spaghetti of drug lords and mafiosters. Now, the red-checkered tables have turned and Italian Villa Rentals are being snatched up by regular old American tourists looking for a relaxing atmosphere and a tasty calzone. The cause of this switcheroo has been pinpointed to one exact socio-historical moment – the premiere episode, and subsequent popularity of, HBO’s The Sopranos.

The smash hit television series portraying an Italian-American family headed by Mafia boss Tony Soprano successfully painted a kinder, gentler face on the Italian-American “tough guy.” The softening of this image has virtually evaporated any fear or distrust the average whitebread American has towards the mafia and Italians in general. With the rising popularity of the Italian-American in mainstream culture has come the rise of American tourists signing leases, contracts, and agreements on Italian Villa Rentals. Italian Villa Rental Weekly reported in its quarterly report in May a seventeen percent increase in rentals by families, a demographic previously unseen in this community.

Yet another surprising event has transpired amidst the rise the of Italian villa rentals among American HBO-watchers. This is the decline of rentals among actual Italian-American tough guys. These lovable criminals and their mistresses don’t seem to want to spend their vacation days amidst Floridian retirees or Midwest families of five.

So yet again, what drew in the mobsters was the glorious Italian countryside, what drew in the wholesome families was the mobsters. And now, what shall the wholesome families draw? Well, if what transpired three years ago in France is any indication, it will be American corporations like Barnes & Noble and Starbucks, then yuppies, then the apocalypse.

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