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Lawyer Asked to Stop Playing Peek-A-Boo in Court

BOSTON, MA – Defense lawyer Jillian Watanabe was berated in a small claims court last Thursday for refusing repeated requests to stop playing peek-a-boo with her client.

Asked by the judge to stop the game, Ms. Watanabe claimed that it was integral to her questioning, as the defendant was incapable of focusing without it. When the defendant himself was asked to stop, he giggled and then, holding his left arm out towards Ms. Watanabe, bent two of his left fingers back with his right hand.

In this landmark case, Ryan Satanelli, 5, is suing Megan Satanelli, 8. The younger Satanelli is claiming that, although his request to carry the bag of stuff their parents had bought them was granted, his sister usurped his authority and held said bag herself, refusing to yield to reason, whining, or shin-kicks.

Ryan Satanelli declined to comment on the case, but witnesses at the scene said he had been quite adamant in declaring the treatment “unfair.”

“That little kid just wouldn’t shut up,” said bookseller Tad Hobnobble. “It’s pretty embarassing to care that much about something.”

Facing criticism that lawsuits brought by small children are frivolous and unethical, the Satanelli’s parents remained firm in their decision.

“It’s never too early to learn first-hand about our country’s judicial system,” said Mr. Satanelli at a press conference held in the family’s living room. “We have nothing but high hopes for both of our children, especially the male, and this kind of experience is not only helpful, but essential for the right kind of resume-building he’ll need to get into law school.”

His wife pointed out that young lawyers just out of school are frequently willing to accept low pay. “It’s the cheapest babysitting we’ve found,” she said.

Ms. Watanabe would not make a statement about her pay, but she did agree with the Satanelli’s that the case is important and relevant.

“Look, this isn’t 1944 anymore, guys. It’s not like wealthy white males are the only ones who get to vote,” she said. “Youth is a valued trait in America and I think it’s about time the grievances of our youth be respected and given the gravity they deserve.”

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